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Embracing Your Authentic Self: Finding Where You Belong

Updated: Mar 24

It is time to silence the naysayers and start embracing your authentic self. If you don't fit in with certain people, situations, places, and spaces, they are not meant for you. Your task is to find where you fit in, which is where you align with the environment and have commonality. Being in tune with yourself is the only way to know where you belong. This means knowing your likes and dislikes, being comfortable with who you are, and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who support the direction you choose to take for a successful future.


Just as you outgrow old clothes and shoes, you also outgrow friend circles, environments, spaces, and places. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely and align with the path with the least resistance toward achieving your goals. By making the necessary adjustments and shifts, you will be on the ride of a lifetime. Everything flows as it should when there is harmony, so start by getting in harmony with yourself and then aligning with your direction and destiny. Strap up; the journey ahead will be worth it!

Karen Abbott-Trimuel (KAT)


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