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Ladies Night Unmasked

Miranda, Gertrude, Lola, Shauna, and Claudia are five friends living in Chicago. They meet up on Friday night to get their 'groove on' ready for the weekend. But they don't want the typical club and partying scene. So instead, they all agree to meet at Claudia's place for a small gathering and a night of drinking, eating, partying...revelations.

As the night unfolds, it becomes evident that all of the ladies have personal secrets and struggles that they've never shared with anyone... until tonight, that is. So cue the dramatic music and have your popcorn at the ready!

Ladies Night Unmasked is a written adaptation of a successful play of the same name.

This laugh-out-loud comedy/drama short novel is full of twists and turns - sure to keep you on the edge of your seat shouting, "Oh my God!" as the night goes on.

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Check Your Assets & Know Your Value
A Woman's Guide to Becoming Her Authentic Self

Consider yourself a valuable and worthy woman.

What does this mean?


You are a valuable asset to everyone around you.


You have a place in this world and a goal to accomplish.


You are an authentic individual who has discovered herself through great investments of personal reflections, self-love, self-forgiveness, and positive relationships.


You are a woman worthy of being anything you set your mind to be.


These are some of the affirmations - no, the realities - that you will discover about yourself when you delve into this book about checking your assets and knowing your value. It includes the author's personal stories, who has undergone self-evaluations, self-discoveries, and self-investments. It's intended to help you realize that there are some pearls of wisdom that every woman needs to heed before becoming her authentic self and living life to the fullest without barriers.


Check your assets, know your value, and start living your authentic life - Because you are worth it.

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