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Looking to transform your life...

Let's work together to create a plan that will inspire you to move into the forefront of your life.


The role of a Life Coach: A life coach is a professional who helps individuals identify their goals and develop a plan to achieve them. The role of a life coach is to provide guidance, support, and motivation to their clients, as well as help them overcome any challenges or obstacles that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential. Life coaches may work with clients in personal growth, career development, relationships, health and wellness, and more. The ultimate goal of a life coach is to help their clients achieve a more fulfilling and satisfying life.


Karen is a Certified Life Coach based in Illinois. Her holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support to her clients. Through careful guidance and support, she is passionate about helping individuals lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life by addressing all aspects of their being - mind, body, and soul. Karen believes true wellness comes from a holistic approach that considers physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As a coach, she works with her clients to identify their goals, develop personalized plans, and provide ongoing support and guidance to help them achieve their desired outcomes. With her unique coaching process and inclusion of holistic health, mindfulness, and positive behavior, she is committed to helping her clients unlock their full potential and live their best lives.


The goal is to prepare her clients as they transition to living their best lives by filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Karen's non-judgmental approach, attentive listening, and strategic thinking allow her clients to become knowledgeable of who they are, define what they want, and connect with the things they're most passionate about.


Through commitment, process, assignments, and conversations, Karen assists her clients in ways to improve their lives dramatically and as effortlessly as possible to make them aware that they embody everything needed to live a successful life.

Allow Karen to assist you in the following areas:

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Improve overall well-being

  • Identify goals

  • Achieve personal and professional goals

  • Improve decision-making skills

  • Gain a greater sense of purpose and direction

  • Improve relationships with others

  • Increase accountability and productivity

  • Make positive changes to reach your full potential

  • Navigate life transitions

  • Clarify your values and priorities

  • Identify obstacles that are holding you back

  • Develop action plans to overcome challenges and achieve success

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Coaching has helped me tremendously. I am finally understanding myself and feeling blissfu
Client Testimony As my client reflected on the past year, she reminisced about our first c
Having Karen as my life coach has been exactly what I needed to take control of my life! M
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I'm always looking forward to working with new clients. Let's connect.

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