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Take Some Time to Show You Care

Updated: Mar 6

We can find lessons throughout our daily experiences. I'm grateful for each moment of my life and the many lessons I learned throughout my journey. I am excited to share a lesson I received while working in my backyard. As I tidied up my yard, I quickly became grateful for the comfort, beauty, and peace it yields me daily. As I began to water the flowers, I noticed weeds surrounding them. They were not only surrounding them, but they were also outgrowing and smothering the flowers as well. I quickly began to take in the lesson while completing the task of plucking the weeds. Weeds take up space, nutrition, water, and light from other plants, and if not properly dealt with, they will ultimately take over other plants completely.

We experience weed invasions in our lives, like plants. Negative people, places, and things are prime examples. If you don't recognize them for what they are, they will ultimately overtake you and your space and completely ruin your life cycle. Some weeds can blend in with flowers, plants, or gardens and go unnoticed. It is important to remember that as you glow, grow, and flourish, there are also things growing in your surroundings to extinguish your light, beauty, and life. As you grow from positive energy and through positive experiences, negative energy and negative experiences silently await in the background to pull you down. As your light glows and grows, darkness can surround you, awaiting a moment to snuff out your light. As you ignite your internal beauty and it surfaces outward, something will always be waiting for the moment to overshadow your beauty and destroy your self-esteem and image. Ensure you recognize the growing, surrounding, and blending weeds in your life. When you realize what they are, be prepared to pluck them out without hesitation so they don't overtake you and your space. Karen Abbott-Trimuel (KAT)


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