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WARs Are Real

WARS are real, and you must be sure of what you're fighting for and ensure you're equipped for the battle. People war to keep their sanity, for peace, to care for their families, and protect themselves. These are ongoing battles. But unfortunately, people also often feel defeated because they've inserted themselves into other people's battles. Because of this, they often find themselves on the wrong battlefields fighting in other folks' wars. The truth is that these battles have absolutely nothing to do with them. They may have been asked an opinion, told about an issue, etc. It is best to know when to provide a listening ear, provide a suggestion, and when to step away. When you find yourself on the battlefields of others, and it's not your fight, you leave things that directly affect you open for attack. If the battle is connected to you and those you love, that's one thing, or if you're on the battlefield for a cause that affects us as a nation, that's another, but stand back if it will not benefit or change one iota of your life positively. There is a difference between supporting and enabling. Karen Abbott-Trimuel (KAT)


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