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You Determine Your Level of Success

What if I told you that you are the one who determines your level of success? That's right, success has many levels, and once you are aware of success in its complete form, you stop wasting time chasing things, people, or experiences that yield no return. Success is something we achieve. Yet, we often have multiple achievements daily and don't acknowledge or celebrate them.

One of the keys to success is KNOWING WHAT IT IS and KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT. Then PUTTING A PLAN INTO ACTION to achieve it. It can be as small as completing chores around the house, getting a new job, making a small or big purchase, setting time aside to take care of yourself and your needs, becoming an entrepreneur, or just any accomplishment, big or small.

We often tend to equate success with financial goals only. But what good is financial success if you haven't obtained MENTAL, PHYSCIAL, EMOTIONAL, or SPIRITUAL success? True success is simply wholeness in all areas of your life, which means once you understand how to achieve success in these four areas, the fifth, which is financial success, is sure to follow.

What good is draining yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually to chase wealth? I guarantee that if you're not healthy in these four areas, you won't be able to enjoy your financial achievements truly. You determine your level of success by how you love yourself, take care of yourself, treat yourself, and respect yourself. Once you're successful in the most intricate parts of your life, you will discover that you have been wealthy and successful all along. Karen Abbott-Trimuel (KAT)


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